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Is It Really Possible To COMPLETELY RESTORE Your Smile And End Tooth And Jaw Pain For Good?

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Dr. Tarana Chhatriwala
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Know that it IS possible to completely restore your smile and permanently replace missing teeth and end tooth and jaw pain for good.

What if you could treat tooth and jaw pain, permanent replace missing teeth, and have the brightest most radiant smile of your life?
What our Patients Says about us…
Martha – “My jaw pain is gone for the first time in years! My jaw and teeth have been in constant pain for 15 years, and I’m now eating and speaking with no pain for the first time since I can remember. Thank you Dr. Tarana Chhatriwala!”
Maria – “Thank you for giving me my smile back! When I was younger, I always had perfectly straight, white teeth, and over the years, my teeth became darker and several needed to be replaced. Dr. Tarana Chhatriwala was able to offer permanent, effective treatment options that have given me the best smile I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you to this team!
Cynthia – “I have my smile back again. My old dentures were very uncomfortable and didn’t look natural at all. My missing teeth are now permanently replaced and my jaw pain is completely gone! My new teeth also look completely natural, this is the smile I should’ve been born with!
Jim – “I’m able to smile confidently for the first time in years. Dr. Tarana Chhatriwala was able to completely restore my smile, treat my jaw pain, and replace my missing teeth. I’m now able to eat and not even think about tooth or jaw pain. I owe everything to him and his team!

Dr. Tarana Chhatriwala

201 University Oaks Blvd –
#770 – Round Rock, TX 78665
Office Number: (512) 579-0069

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